Company Profile


Company‘s name KATO Corporation
Executive President Kato Noriyuki
Office Locations 1-12-3 Onta-cho, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo 189-0011 Japan(TEL:+81-42-392-1001 FAX:+81-42-394-1453)
Date of Establishment April, 1960
Business lineup Collecting and Transporting general waste/Collecting and Transporting industrial waste/The intermediate processing of plastic containers and packages/Building Maintenance/Consulting service of waste and 3R/Sales in energy saving for commercial use/Consulting service in energy saving/Assisting of producing various energy saving related reports.
Employees 118(as of April, 2015)
Corporate history □March, 1946
Late president Chojiro Kato started out janitorial services as independent business.
□June 1954
Established Kato Limited Private Company with capital fund of 2 million Japanese yen.
□February 1955
Set up business offices in Higashimurayama city, Tokyo and Tokorozawa city, Saitama.
□April 1960
Established KATO Corporation with capital fund 5 million Japanese yen.
□May, 1975
Increased in capital as 27 million Japanese yen.
□April, 1999
Increased in capital as 40.5 million Japanese yen.
□October, 2002
Obtained a certification ISO14001.
□April, 2003
Concluded Tokyo Eco-try convention.
□April, 2003
Obtained approval of intermediate treatment business from Higashimurayama city in Tokyo. Removed a headquarter office to Onta-cho.
□March, 2005
Obtained approval of Tokyo industrial waste disposal operator. [Intermediate treatment]
□October, 2006
Started operating “PLASTIC CONAINERS & PACKAGING” from Kiyose city and Higashikurume city in Tokyo.
□January, 2007
Started operating “PLASTIC CONAINERS & PACKAGING” from Higashimurayama city in Tokyo.
□January, 2008
Completed the construction of Second “ECO factory PHOENIX”.
□April, 2008
Started operating “PLASTIC CONAINERS & PACKAGING” from west Tokyo.
□April, 2009
Set up a business office in Machida city in Tokyo and started a commission business of “combustible material collecting and transporting” in the city.
□April, 2010
Open a business department of environmental innovation.
□April, 2012
Started a commission business of “Sorting carry-on household garbage”.
Started a commission business of “Collecting PET bottles”.